Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

July 26
Dear friends,
Pinback buttons were patented on July 21, 1896, for political campaigns and in the 122 buttonsyears since then people have found many ways to express their life events, their politics and their preferences through buttons. We wear buttons to inspire, to persuade or connect with others, to be funny or to wear our ideals for all to see. I have so many buttons on a cork board at home and still I see a new one and want to add it to my collection! I was excited to find this Continue reading

Take the Helm

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” ~Henrik Ibsen

Dear friends,
Each fall, we gather together in community at our Peace Party. It is our one big event to PeacePartyraise money for our peace programs. But even more memorable is our connections with each other as we celebrate our work and renew ourselves for the journey ahead. Each year, we try to incorporate changes you recommend and try new things mixed in with our traditions so it remains one of the most enjoyable parties in Missoula. Have you ever wanted to see a certain element at the party? Continue reading

Give Peace a Chance

“All we are saying, is Give Peace a Chance” ~John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Dear friends,
I recently returned from a peacebuilding summit hosted by Rotary International. One ofGlobalPeaceIndex the sessions was a workshop exploring the 8 pillars of positive peace developed by the Institute of Economics and Peace, a leading think tank dedicated to developing metrics to analyze peace and quantify its economic value.

Continue reading