Peace and Conflict Social Study Group

Dear Friends,

You’re Invited! Peace and Conflict Social Study Group – Tuesdays at noon at JRPC. peacecrane

Peace and Conflict are two concepts that we are all familiar with. But often the idea of identifying a universal concept of peace is quite difficult. That is why I would like to invite you, the peace community, to explore these concepts together.

Every Tuesday at noon there will be a study group at JRPC where we explore different terminology, methods, and brainstorm to educate ourselves on the topics and issues revolving around Peace and Conflict. This is all about educating ourselves as a community and learning how to support each other in our pursuit of understanding. When one person is behind, we all do what we can to help them understand.

I’m looking forward to creating a space where we educate ourselves about topics we may know little of, and together finesse our communication about these subjects. This is not only to have others present to motivate us to keep exploring topics that sometimes we find it difficult to understand, but to also have a shoulder to lean on and a hand to reach out to when we ourselves are emotionally or mentally/conceptually struggling to persevere.

So, I hope you will mark your calendars! The first study group will be Tuesday, July 10th at noon, and we will explore the concept of peace, and identify different resources that we will hopefully be using when we meet each week. Don’t be scared to miss one week, please come back to the next one! I am no expert, just someone who wants to learn with the people that are a part of this community. I look forward to seeing you there! All faces and walks of life are welcome!

Thank you!
– James Knepper.  JRPC Member & Voluntee