Seeing the Elephant

“We don’t see things as they are — we see things as we are.” ~Anais Nin

May 31,2018
Dear friends,

Three years ago, I encouraged you to come to our first Un-conference and I told you that it was a dream realized for us to bring this opportunity to our community. We started open space meetingin 2015 with an exploration about how we build community out of chaos. And then in our second year we looked at how we find our strengths and build each other up. Last year we started the conversation about how our community is divided into “us” and “them”. Today, I invite you to continue this dialog with us on June 9 at the UCC church as we look at the ways we all see the same world through different perspectives. Just as several blind men felt a different part of an elephant and made assumptions about it from their one piece, we also color the world from the parts of it we see and believe to be true. And there are “elephants in the room” that we refuse to see and acknowledge. Let us ask how we can discover our individual blindfolds and choose to see beyond them to move further into community with those around us.

The open space we use to craft this experience gives each of us the opportunity to bring our special gifts and passions to blend with others and create new possibilities. So ask yourself, “What ignites your passions? What ideas can you bring to our collective table? What new perspectives are you willing to see?” We’ll be serving lunch and ending the day with a celebration that includes the music of Lawrence Duncan. I can’t wait to see what we can create together ­but I’m prepared to be surprised!

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