Join Our Conversation – May 23, and June 9

May 17, 2018

“We use the word terrorism to silence others.” ~Rami Elhanan, an Israeli Jew

Dear friends,

Responding to the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and the protests and massacre following it in Palestine, I have seen articles petitions and opinion pieces full war is not healthy 1966of rage, sadness, shame and despair. I have also seen reports claiming that some of the stories are contrived to skew the truth. I guess it is human nature for all of us no matter what side we are on, to see any situation from our own perspective and try to convince others that our version of the truth is the right one. Hence the title for our 4th Un-conference (on June 9). Hopefully it will be an opportunity for us to open our minds and see beyond ourselves.

Meanwhile, no one can skew the fact that over 60 Palestinians are dead and close to 2700 injured while protesting for their freedom in what was only the latest in a series of deadly clashes. The one place on earth that should stand most firmly for love and justice is instead a breeding ground for violence and deception. Rami Elhanan in Israel and Bassam Aramin in Palestine who both lost children in the conflict ask ‘why are men so angry that they kill children to get what they want?’…a question well-worth pondering. Our hope lies in alliances such as this one where both sides are willing to open up and really hear the others’ stories. And in the midst of our own rage, sadness, shame and despair, we ask, ‘what can we do?’

Join JRPC and others interested for a discussion on how to answer that question at 5 pm on Wednesday, May 23 at JRPC. Bring friends, ideas and an open mind…Betsy

Meanwhile, here are some resources: