The Future of Missoula Community Access Television (MCAT)

“Rumour is a pipe
Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures
And of so easy and so plain a stop
That the blunt monster with uncounted heads,
The still-discordant wavering multitude,
Can play upon it.”
― William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2

April 26, 2016

Against the backdrop of out-of-state media control, Missoula Community Access Television (MCAT) stands as a beacon of local independent media. From broadcasting MCATCity Council meetings and local sports to candidate forums and cultural events, MCAT helps the Missoula community understand itself. This is our media, funded largely by rent the cable company pays the City of Missoula for using public lands for its television cable infrastructure.

Federal law mandates that the city and its cable television provider negotiate a contract every 10-15 years that determines the cable company’s responsibilities to the Missoula community. One of these responsibilities is to pay the federally determined rent used to fund MCAT’s basic operating costs and equipment. Beyond cash, there are many other ways Charter can aid and assist the Missoula Community. Quality of service in cable television provision is one dimension that can be detailed in the new contract. The number of channels allotted to local community programming is another example. Although MCAT currently has two channels, other communities of like size have three.

The City of Missoula and Charter are midstream in negotiating a new contract for the next 10-15 years. Public comment is a huge part of leverage the City can use to strengthen the public’s side of the negotiation. What would you like Charter to provide over the next 10-15 years? What role do you see MCAT playing in Missoula’s media future? Your answers to questions like these are vital to the negotiation process to identify changes that might be made to meet the current and future cable-related needs and interests of Missoula residents.

I invite every one of you to go to the link below right now and fill out the survey.

If not now, then please do so no later than May 15. The media future of our community depends on it!

Nancy Leifer, Volunteer Coordinator, JRPC

P.S. Our hearts go out to the family of JRPC member Michael Kreisberg who died recently.

Double Your Impact for Peace!

April 19, 2018

Double Your Impact for Peace!

This year, a handful of our generous members came together to offer to match any donations given to our Missoula Gives campaign dollar for dollar up to $1,500 for gifts missoula gives-savethedate peace bee _1_given EARLY. Missoula Gives is on May 3rd and 4th this year and there are tons of incentives to give during those specific dates. However, we can start receiving Missoula Gives donations TODAY to get a head start on our fundraising goal of $5,000. Giving your Missoula Gives donation to JRPC from now until May 3rd means your gift will be doubled, or matched, by some of our incredible members!

If you would like to help us by giving a donation that allows you to double your impact – please click “Donate” on our Missoula Gives page today!

As we head into a new fiscal year starting in July, your extra support will help us to achieve some of our most important yet, that you have helped us to identify over the years. We are creating a peace building toolkit, which includes programming for youth and adults to build skills in active listening, being comfortable with conflict and non-violent communication by offering hands-on training and workshops open to all throughout the year.

Additionally, because of the times in which we live, we will be investing in new technologies for the Center that allow us to organize, communicate and take action more quickly as a community to respond to current issues that our members and the Missoula community believe is important to maintain peace and justice in our city, state, nationally and internationally.

YOU ARE INVITED….Do you want to talk to us in person about the year ahead for the Center? We want to thank you in person for all that you make happen here and hear more from you about your ideas for the future. Join us for a member reception on May 4th from 5-8pm on First Friday, dedicated to celebrating our Missoula Gives campaign and saying thank you to all of you! Wine, beer, local and fair trade goodies will be served.

We hope to see you there…Betsy and Jenny

Remembering the Dream

“To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you.
To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair.
To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple.
To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand.
To never look away. And never, never to forget.” ~ Arundhati Roy

April 5,2018
Dear friends,
As the world remembered Dr. Martin Luther King yesterday and the tragic shooting that ended his life, we are left with the reality of a world far from his dream. Black men are mlkinoslostill targets, War is still a constant evil and the gap between rich and poor is widening. Dr. King must have had days when he was discouraged and felt the weight of all that is wrong with the world — the tragedy of our human failings. But he never ever gave up hope. He never failed to see others with respect and to believe that we would get to the promised land he saw. That is the gift the Nobel Prize committee recognized. The radical revolution Dr. King advocated was not popular. There were many — black and white — who criticized him for being passive, for not seeking power. He knew that our true power lies in nonviolence, and today that is more true than ever. Let’s continue to hear those voices and heed those calls…Betsy

PS: I will be away for 2 weeks so you may not receive a newsletter. Please know I am appreciating the break!