Wanted: Peace on Earth

March 22, 2018

Dear friends,Mar22photo

Our world is so full of stories of tragedy and turmoil — tales of people living in war torn areas, families grieving the loss of a loved one to violence, victims of crime, corruption and climate disasters and more. I know that those are not the only stories in the world. There ARE people all over the world doing good and healing the planet and the people on it. Take a minute to think about how you feel when you read one of these stories about people working to make the work a little brighter. I know I feel motivated to do more myself — the good that others do makes me want to rise up to meet them. They give me hope and keep me focused on the big picture. Maybe some of these folks are living next door to you, working at your place of employment or ahead of you in line at the store. They could be young and just getting started or older and been at it awhile. One thing I know is that if you look, you will find them. At our recent strategic planning, the JRPC Coordinating Council talked about the importance of these stories — of real-life peacebuilders and we would like to do a better job of bringing those stories to you. There is still one week left to tell us about a young peacebuilder you know and we are accepting stories of grown up peacebuilders for our annual peacemaker award. Send us your stories, your nominations and be watching to be inspired by the lives around you…Betsy