Dear friends,s&f

This week is volunteer recognition week and we are so happy to say thank you to
everyone who keeps us going. It is also a great opportunity for me to tell you
about a 12 year dream of mine that volunteers have made happen. JRPC Library
Catalog now Online! Go to the website and click on the Library menu
item to check out our one-of-a-kind resources and to use the catalog.

The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center’s (JRPC) multimedia library provides
educational materials to the greater Missoula community. It contains more than
2,500 books, DVDs, videos, audio tapes and periodicals to help build and foster a
community consensus for peace, justice and protection of the environment. The
Library provides a wide selection of resources for teaching: nonviolent
conflict resolution and the history of nonviolence; awareness of global social justice
issues and crises; environmental stewardship; sustainable lifestyle practices;
media literacy; grassroots democracy; and much more.

Plus for all you teachers: there are many resources to help you enhance your
student’s educational experience. The library has curriculum materials for teaching
about history, self governance, cultural topics, the environment, and of course
peacemaking. Material is available for elementary school through high school. A
variety of mailings, newsletters, newspaper articles and other resources are
available in the library files. Magazine publications and some reserve materials
are accessible for in library use when the Peace Center is open.

Our thanks to Sue and Faisal for moving this project to completion; to Jane for
YEARS of dedication keeping our library updated and catalogued and to all our
volunteers whose projects and work keep us on track. Thank you all, Betsy