Earth Day 2017

Dear Friends,earthtemp

Imagine talking a walk in which every step takes you back in time a million years. The University of Montana is hosting the exhibit A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us today through next Tuesday – and you can walk back through time as you walk around the UM Oval. The exhibit consists of 90 colorful panels that depict points in time of the 4.6 billion year evolution of the Earth and life on Earth.The exhibit (one of only 3 in the world) will be a focal point of UM’s Sustainaganza event to celebrate earth day thanks to the foresight and effort of UM professor of Environmental Studies Vicki Watson and Jill Davies of Sustainable Living Systems in the Bitterroot.

On Saturday, April 22, western Montanans are invited to join their fellow citizens in Caras Park to March for Science and celebrate scientists, science educators, and all that the pursuit of scientific knowledge has given us. Beginning at 1 pm, you can experience a showcase of some of our community’s hard-working scientists and remind us of the benefits research and its informed policy applications have given to our community. And next Saturday, the 29th, be sure to show up at 1 pm by the First Interstate Bank for the Missoula’s People’s Climate Solidarity March and Rally.

Whatever you decide to do this week to celebrate our earth and learn about its wonders, make sure it also includes a commitment to action…Betsy