Faith and Kindness over Fear

Dear friends,spread-kindness

Many of the emails and articles I peruse remind me of the story of Chicken Little, who ran around shouting that the sky was falling. Before you think my head is buried in the sand, I do realize we are in the middle of an important legislative session, a critical election and that we are surrounded by many pressing issues that will affect all of us. But sometimes, in our desire to impress on each other the importance of these issues and our opinion about them, we let our faith be consumed by our fear — faith in each other, in our resilience as a people and and in the variety of ways we can make a difference in the world. And more importantly, we let our need to be right about how to solve these pressing issues make us downright mean to those who believe in a different path. Neither is helpful and neither will build more peace in the world. Acting in fear and unkindness will only add more of that to a world already too full of it. If instead, we truly want to do work that makes the world a better place, it must be built on faith in humanity and kindness to each other. Let’s practice now before it’s too late…Betsy