Fair Trade Works

Dear friends,feminist

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day by wearing red and in many places striking or rallying to show the important role women play in our world. It’s about fairness and equality — worthy visions in a world where our government proposes to cut money for social programs in preference for military budgets and supporting the corporate model of profit over people. One of the programs we support here at JRPC is Fair Trade because it is the antithesis to the corporate model. It builds up communities rather than destroying them. Fair trade is the one assurance we have that our money is spent wisely, with justice to those working around the world to bring us the goods. Fair Trade initiatives are not big corporations with lots of money to buy influence. They are small family and community efforts — largely driven by women —  striving to meet basic needs and build better communities. They depend on you and your dollars – far more than the large corporations flooding the markets with unimaginable amounts of consumer goods for which they hope to make bigger and bigger profits for shareholders and CEO’s. You won’t ever have to worry about where your dollars go. And fair trade is local – if you think of our world as interconnected, and you want your dollars to stay working in communities instead of being funneled to international headquarters. Our fair trade store supports these communities, helps fund our work for peace and gives you the assurance of just spending. Make your self – and our world – a promise to shop fairly as much as you can. With our thanks for all you’ve done to support fair trade in Missoula…Betsy