Resist in Peace

Dear friends,cropped-protest-stroke-resistance-2-1(1)

Right now there is so much happening in our world. And resistance seems to be the theme of much of our actions and efforts. There is no doubt that many of these issues need our resistance (and persistence) — issues like standing up for refugees, protecting the rights of our LGBTI communities, the rights of laborers to organize, the reproductive rights of women and families and the rights of all of us to speak up and participate in our democracy. And yet, there is another reality that we must bring in to our efforts —

that of sharing our world, our communities and our planet with everyone, even those who disagree with us. Their fears and concerns are as real to them as our needs to resist. So let us focus on appreciating the middle, the places where we meet and the things we have in common with them so that as we share this community and this planet we can do so together, building rather than just resisting. Let’s find the places where we can be the peace!…Betsy