Introducing Our 2016 Peacemaker

Dear Friends,PWH edited.image

Every spring I get the privilege of announcing our annual Peacemaker. This year as we celebrate 30 years in Missoula, we also celebrate our 30th Peacemaker. Let me introduce you to Patrick Weasel Head. One of nine children from simple roots in Browning to one of 13 Native American students attending a not very welcoming University of MT to living as an openly gay man in Missoula, Patrick set out to walk a good path, fight discrimination, relax stereotypes, enjoy the experiences of life and make every moment count. He has reached out to others to understand, build trust and use humor and teachable moments to help us all learn from each other and find ways to serve. Patrick has a long and varied list of volunteer positions, including delivering Meals on Wheels and several months as a driver for Paws Up so he could learn about how others live and also educate visitors to MT about Native Americans. Patrick believes in education and is passionate about mentoring disenfranchised students to better themselves as he was helped. Patrick stepped up many times to fill a void and serve others. Join us as we welcome him to the list of honored Missoula Peacemakers on Sunday, May 22 at 4 pm at the Payne Family Native American Center…Betsy

PS: I apologize for the delay in sending this — we combined our website and database and had a little glitch to work out!)