Introducing “The Olive Branch”

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Shopping Fair Trade is one of the most powerful ways we can have an impact on people across the world. Your fair trade purchases provide people in impoverished communities a bigger share of the price you pay so they can live with more dignity and ease. It also sends a message to stores and corporations that says fairness and justice matter. When JRPC started selling fair trade in 1991, very few had heard the term. But today, there are almost 100 stores in Missoula who sell at least one item that is certified fair trade. And JRPC has remained a headquarters for education about what fair trade means as well as a showcase of the beauty that is being made all around the world. JRPC’s store is our largest and most successful program and we appreciate all our loyal shoppers for supporting us and also for pushing the envelope to encourage other businesses to join the fair trade movement.

Part of our commitment to fair trade is a responsibility to broaden the audience we sell to so the artists and crafters around the world continue to have a market for their products. Unfortunately, lots of people didn’t know we had a store! So we decided it was time to give the store an identity to help make that clear. We chose the name, “The Olive Branch”, one of the first-known symbols of peace and commitment. Fair trade is social justice — one of the cornerstones to peace and the store has always been a central part of what JRPC does. We think our new name and logo will reflect that to a larger audience. Thanks for helping to spread the word of fairness and peace. And thanks to our friends at Westridge Creative for again coming to our aid and designing our store’s new logo…Betsy