A Peace of My Mind

Dear friends,A Peace of My Mind

Last night you missed an opportunity to be inspired by, well, everyday people. Like me, your news feeds are no doubt full of the tragedies of shootings, hatred, racism and injustice. Last night John Noltner came to gift us with his vision of the world that is not only possible but is happening in our midst. Since 2009 he has been collecting stories of individual people living out what peace means to them.These are the stories of our common humanity that give us hope, something we all need in these troubled and complex times.  Peace means something to all of us and we all live out that meaning in different ways. It is clear hearing the stories John has collected that they are the threads that connect us and carry us forward. I encourage you to check out his book in our library and tour his website (http://apeaceofmymind.net/) . And then think about this — what is your story and how are you living it out?…Betsy