Help Nepal


Dear friends,

Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images

This week we unpacked a shipment  from Nepal. As we saw the pictures of the women who had sewn, knitted and felted the items that arrived, we realized how quickly the world can change and how connected we are to those women and their grief. Continue reading

Help wanted for Peace Crane fold-ins


Peace CraneWe will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August with 70,000 cranes. And if you use old magazines you can also help move Missoula toward zero waste!

If you want to help, contact our volunteer coordinator, Nancy —

Here are some dates for upcoming “fold-ins”:

  • Mondays, 3:45–5:30 at JRPC except 1st Monday of each month, through July
  • Thursday, June 18th, evening at Caras Park, JRPC leading crane folding for Children’s activities.
  • Wednesday, July 1, 11:00 am–2:00 pm, Caras Park Out to Lunch

Thursday, August 6 — Last Fold-in commemorating the 70th anniversary of the dropping of the bomb at Hiroshima.  Time and place TBA.

If you have an idea for a time and a place to do a “fold-in”, let me know and we can help provide instruction sheets, peace crane story/Missoula’s crane project info sheets, used magazines for paper, and some teaching help!

And, of course, we always accept cranes folded at home or anywhere else, anytime.

Just drop the cranes by JRPC between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Mondays–Saturdays or Sundays from noon to 4:00 pm.

Peaceful Skies Coalition


Dear friends,JLUS Map

Following is an invitation sent by the Peaceful Skies Coalition — Concerned about a tremendous increase in bomber flights overhead? Will the proposed Powder River bomber training ruin your quality of life and devalue your property? Join local and regional groups from across the US that are actively fighting rampant Pentagon expansions. Over the past few years we have been learning about each other and supporting each other’s efforts to push back against environmentally harmful expansion plans. Representatives of groups from across the country will be attending a national convening over the weekend of April 17 – 19, 2015. There are three ways to participate in the Saturday April 18 meeting; come to Taos New Mexico, register for an online 2-way connection, or watch the morning session via web-streaming.

As well as harm to private lands, air and water quality, wildlife, range animals, and human health, there are often reductions in property values caused by training. The coalition is especially concerned about threats to public lands, the nation’s last refuge and our collective property. The Pentagon is both expanding and renewing existing training sites on public lands. We believe strongly that the public lands should not be used to practice war.
Montana groups and regional coalitions are urged to contact the Peaceful Skies Coalition about the Stronger Together initiative and pre-registering for online or in person participation in the April 17 – 19 convening. Peaceful Skies Coalition is on the web at and the contact email is Check out the articles below or more information. 

Stand for Peace


Dear friends,JR in Congress

On this day in 1917, Jeannette Rankin took her seat as the first woman in the world to occupy a seat in a major government body. Imagine the responsibility she must have felt. And realize that her burden was complicated because she was faced with a controversial vote of momentous importance to this country. There was great pressure – even from the women she represented for her to side with the prevailing opinion and send our country to war. But she stood by her conscience and stood for peace and that stand defined the rest of her days.

Most of us will never face such a momentous decision. But all of us face small decisions each day that can have great impact. Taking Jeannette Rankin as our role model calls us to walk in her shoes. Join me in celebrating that call as we gather through the day at Montgomery Distillery on Monday, April 6, the day Ms. Rankin cast her defining vote. Fold a peace crane with us, raise a toast to Jeannette and all of us and recommit our efforts for peace in our world as we close the 2015 season of nonviolence with the following prayer…Betsy

With each kind thought, each choice for nonviolence, we plant a seed that shall bloom to bring forth rich fruit in its Season. Together friend, we till the soil and plant the seeds that all creation may sing for joy and dance in the Garden of Peace. May our prayers and practices during this Season be but the beginning of a new culture of peace, security and joy that shall endure unto our children’s children’s children.

Work for Peace Art Show!

2015 Search for Peace Art Show Coming May 1 as part of First Friday!2015 sfp
La Stella Blu, 612 South Higgins, is hosting the 2015 Search for Peace Art Show and Retrospective as part of First Friday May 1, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center sponsors this annual art challenge for students from elementary, middle, high school and college. This year’s theme is “Work for Peace.”  Come see this year’s award winners and a retrospective of previous years in paintings and video imagery. Create your own expressions of peace through paper crane folding.  La Stella Blu was the recipient of the 2015 Centennial Award for Historic Preservation. Come see their beautiful building as well, with its reconstructed stain glass window!