Introducing “The Olive Branch”


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Shopping Fair Trade is one of the most powerful ways we can have an impact on people across the world. Your fair trade purchases provide people in impoverished communities a bigger share of the price you pay so they can live with more dignity and ease. It also sends a message to stores and corporations that says fairness and justice matter. Continue reading

Never Again!


Dear Friends,Craneonloop
There have been many atrocities in war over the years.  The genocide of Nazi Germany, and of Rwanda; the Apartheid in South Africa, the killing fields of Cambodia, Pearl Harbor and the destruction of the twin towers in New York are but a few of those that stand out in our history.  But by far, the one event that stands out across the world as a symbol of the tragedy of war is August 6, 1945, the “day the sun rose twice” in Japan. Continue reading

A Peace of My Mind


Dear friends,A Peace of My Mind

Last night you missed an opportunity to be inspired by, well, everyday people. Like me, your news feeds are no doubt full of the tragedies of shootings, hatred, racism and injustice. Last night John Noltner came to gift us with his vision of the world that is not only possible but is happening in our midst. Continue reading

Hopes for Peace


Dear friends,The Gadget, the first atomic bomb, 1945 (1)

On this date in 1945, the US exploded the first atomic bomb known as “the gadget” launching the Atomic Age and setting the stage for the bombs dropped three weeks later on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Over the last 70 years, fear and greed have driven world powers to seek weapons that are increasingly bigger and more powerful — weapons of mass destruction. Continue reading

Pride in Stock!


Dear Friends,Pride

We are happy and proud to announce that we have rainbow flags back in stock! Due to extremely popular demand – and for a wonderful reason! We hope Missoula will cover itself in rainbows in celebration of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to nationally legalize same-sex marriage. Continue reading

Celebrating Interdependence


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This weekend our country will celebrate its 239th “Independence Day” with fireworks and flag-waving.  In 1776, the declaration of our Independence from Great Britain began the first successful anti-imperial revolution in world history. We should celebrate the spirit and courage it took to assert the right of a people to create its own form of government based on liberty and freedom. Continue reading