Making Peace


Dear friends,rally

On Monday, I got to witness a few baby steps toward peace in the midst of heated argument, fear and anger. I attended the rally against refugees held at the courthouse, where a few brave counter-protesters turned up to support refugees and a world where we are all just humans. There were definitely two camps of opinion. But there were times when those two camps came together to talk and often to recognize each other as fellow humans. Continue reading

64 Days of Non-Violence


Dear friends,Season of Nonviolence

In 1998, I was privileged to help plan and participate in the 1st Season for Nonviolence in Seattle.  Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, was our special guest, and led a crowd of up to 10,000 in a walk to Puget Sound, symbolic of Gandhi’s walk to the sea to establish Indians’ right to have free salt.  I have celebrated the Season every year since. Continue reading

Staying Optimistic


Dear friends,glass half full(1)

“The sky is falling,” said Chicken Little.  The markets are crashing.  China is collapsing.  Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense said on NPR today that the world situation is the worst he has seen in 50 years of government involvement.  He threw climate change into the mix.  The Middle East is collapsing.  North Korea blew up a bomb.  American politics are strange.  Continue reading

Ideas Wanted!


Dear Friends,council for enews

We’ve kicked off another year — one in which a presidential election will no doubt occupy a lot of our thoughts and attention and it seems like an abundance of ideas and actions are taking shape. As we’ve done each January for the last several years, the JRPC Coordinating Council and I will gather for a day-long retreat to focus our thoughts and energies on guiding JRPC through the coming year. Continue reading